Cultural Exchange Programs

Shoji Australia Partnered Exchange Programs

Shoji Australia began a partnership with John Forrest Secondary College in 1999. They operate as a licensed travel agent, education agent and tour operator, specialising in travel to and from Japan.

Shoji Australia has assisted John Forrest with inbound and outbound tours with Koshigaya Senior High School in Japan in the past, and more recently tours including travel to the Kansai area with a school program at Sanda Shounkan Senior High School. They have also placed volunteer assistant teachers within our College on internship programs and coordinated individual exchange visits.

The partnership has been successful and has included:

  • coordination of ten inbound tours with Koshigaya Nishi Senior High School;
  • outbound tours including a school and hosting program with  Koshigaya Nishi Senior High School;
  •  outbound tours including a school and hosting program with Sanda Shounkan Senior High School;
  • one day visits from other schools;
  • Individual student short term inbound exchange visits; and
  • several cultural exchange internships.

These tours give students the opportunity to experience home and school life in another culture, and build life long connections with same age students and families in Japan. The outcomes have been overwhelmingly positive.


Sanda Shounkan Senior High School Partnership

Following on from hosting Japanese exchange teacher Mr Naoki Miyashita from Western Australia’s sister state Hyogo Prefecture, John Forrest Secondary Collage and Sanda Shounkan have formed a mutually beneficial exchange relationship.  Our College hosts a one day inbound visit from Sanda students each year and a school program at Sanda Shounkan is incoporated into our biennial tours to Japan.